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It's time to remove questionable household products and practices and replace them with healthier options, allowing you to enjoy the peace of a safe home. Stop worrying and stressing about where to start—begin nurturing wellness in your living space today.

Letting go of the hidden toxins in your home might seem hard… BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE. 

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Dr. Aldene Zeno

I love this topic and listening to Start Living Sustainable. I’m a urogynecologist and CrossFit trainer so can attest to healthy habits and the sneaky ways that fad diets and some toxins in our environment impact women’s health. 


“Cynthia and I both realize the impact of toxins on women’s health”

Simona Williams

I learned everything about how to live a healthy sustainable lifestyle working with Cynthia. As a coach, she has helped countless students achieve their goals.

Senior Admissions Advisor

“My go-to expert on all things sustainable”

Dee Stephens

Cynthia Harvey Brown has advocated for health and wellness throughout my 20 plus year relationship with her. This has always remained a constant priority in her personal life and the life of others. She delivers information based on knowledge and personal experience which is a winning combination.


“delivers information based on her knowledge and personal experience which is a winning combination"

For Women Seeking to Transform Their Health & Homes Into A Toxic-Free Zone

Come join the thousands of other health-conscious women who have started transforming their homes and well-being. If you're eager to learn how to elevate your health, kick harmful toxins to the curb, and say hello to cultivating a life of wellness at home—room-by-room, then this weekly go-to podcast is your essential listen.



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It’s time to get clear on what’s safe and what’s not, so you can detox your living space confidently. In our focused hour, you will learn how to protect your health & well-being against common household toxins. Together, we’ll dispel doubts surrounding low-tox living with expert advice, gain awareness on safer products and practices—move past curiosity, and begin a stress-free step-by-step personalized detox plan for one room in your home. You'll leave our session with the confidence that you're on the path to cultivating a toxic-free home. 

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